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  • At the crux of O’Hagan’s concept is service, it is imperative that all franchisees remain at the cutting edge of their business.

  • The franchisees will be trained in all aspects of the business so that they in turn become

  • the trainers of their own staff. 

  • The initial training course will be both theoretical and practical and use will be made of an existing O’Hagan’s unit for training purposes.

  • Re-training courses for franchisees and their staff will be established, so that standards will be maintained at all times throughout the group.

  • Sophisticated training and eLearning manuals will cover all aspects of business and restaurant management have been developed and will be given out when training commences.

  • O’Hagan’s Irish Pub & Grill will place much emphasis on the training of staff.  An example of a typical Practical and Theoretical Training Map for a store opening, will be available.



This will form part of the initial training and will be part of the pre-opening programme.  


The pre-launch marketing for the particular area will be worked out for the franchisee, who will be assisted with the implementation of the programme.


As part of the pre-opening training, The O’Hagan’s Irish Pub & Grill Head Office operations staff will assist with recruitment and training staff in the actual outlet until they are capable of running the business on their own. 


An Operations Manager and support staff will be assigned to each new unit opening, to work closely with the franchisee from staff employment, opening suppliers’ accounts, equipment orders, opening stock orders, liquor license implementation and inspection, to cook-offs, and the menu.  


A Critical Path Calendar will be given to each franchisee so that we can determine a formal schedule prior to opening.  



Operations and Marketing workshops will be held together because of the inter relationship of these two functions.


The Operations Workshops are in essence the “hub” of the business.  These could be online or classroom style.



Pricing and costings of our products will be checked regularly to ensure that margins are kept in line with the budgets and market forces.



Regular store evaluations will be undertaken by Operations Staff to ensure that standards are maintained and improved.


Based on these store evaluations, franchisees are assisted with regard to certain areas that need attention in their business and they are obviously complimented on areas of achievement.


A full set of O’Hagan’s manuals given to the franchisees are as follows, and will be available online and in hard copy format.

•          Management Manual

•          Waitress & Bar Manual

•          Kitchen Manual

•          Hygiene Manual

•          Recipe Manual

•          Administration Manual

•          Preliminary Manual    

•          Marketing Programs

•          Customer Service Programs



Mystery Shopper Programs will be conducted regularly and will assist franchisees with areas of opportunity within their businesses.



Further operational support is given to franchisees in all aspects of their O’Hagan’s by Operations Managers at various levels on an on-going basis.  There will be visits by O’Hagan’s staff to the O’Hagan’s store itself.



The computerized point of sale systems will only be available from one approved supplier. 


Revenue figures will be submitted by franchisees to The O’Hagan’s Irish Pub & Grill Company Head Office each month by the 7th of the following month.


Monthly management accounts will be produced by franchisees for The O’Hagan’s Irish Pub & Grill Company’s Head Office.


This information can also be accessed at any time by O’Hagan’s Head Office.



Various national and regional deals will be negotiated with suppliers of food and liquor for the franchised outlets.


Local suppliers will be sourced in the pre-opening period with the assistance of the Operations Manager. Where possible, groups of franchisees will buy from the same regional suppliers, in order to negotiate discounts and competitive prices.


The franchisor will endeavor to establish and maintain good relationships with all suppliers and, in doing so collectively negotiate to use buying power to obtain the optimum price. 


This will enable The O’Hagan’s Irish Pub & Grill Head Office to arrange national and regional deals for the franchisees, whereby price and quality are maintained on fixed time periods.


It is in the interest of the franchise as a whole to purchase only the best quality and keep open the channels of supply to maintain the high standard that is expected of the outlets.



Regional and National conferences will be held regularly.


The O’Hagan’s Irish Pub & Grill Company will exhibit at Expos to generate awareness and to sell franchises.


The following committees will also be set up:


Menu prices and new products will constantly be monitored for incorporation into the menu as and when necessary.


The Marketing Fund Committee is represented by franchisees who are voted in by franchisees at the National Conference.  O’Hagan’s Irish Pub & Grill will set up a committee in South Africa.


Quarterly Marketing Fund Committee meetings will be held to:

The Standards Committee is represented by elected franchisees from the entire country.  The objective is to maintain standards at store level.


Standards throughout the group are important from uniforms, signage, décor, cutlery, crockery, glassware, type and level of music and, even trading hours.  The committee will also be responsible for marketing the authenticity of all O’Hagan’s Irish Pub and Grill stores.

•          To test and assess new recipes.

•          To decide on menu changes.

•          To ascertain correct pricing for both existing and new items.

•          To analyze opposition items and pricing.

•          Authorise expenditure as per the budget

•          Plan and approve above the line advertising

•          Approve promotions

•          Up-date corporate identity items

•          Implement social media plans

•          Analyse opposition marketing

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